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FedScope Employment Trend Cubes


This set of cubes provides trend data on the employee population.  Please see note below, regarding suppression for all measure values when employment count is "less than 12".  Like our Employment cubes, the numbers reflect the actual number of employees at the end of a quarter but, for many agencies, may actually reflect employment at the end of the pay period just prior to the end of the quarter.  Two Employment Trend cubes are available:

  1. "Year-to-Year" (Five most recent end of fiscal year (September) files)
  2. "Quarter-to-Quarter" (Five most recent quarters)

The following dimensions (workforce characteristics) are available for analysis in these cubes:

  1. Who (about the employees)
    • Age (5 year interval)
    • Gender

  2. What (about their positions)
    • General Schedule and Equivalent Grade
    • Occupation
    • Occupation Category
    • Pay Plan and Grade
    • Type of Appointment
    • Work Schedule
    • Work Status (Limited to "Non-Seasonal Full Time Permanent" and "Other Employees")

  3. Where
    • Agency
    • Area (Limited to "Inside DC Core Based Statistical Area", "Outside DC Core Based Statistical Area", and "Unspecified")
      • Used in place of the Location dimension from the Employment cube

  4. When
    • Most Current Quarter
      • Latest five September quarters ("Year-to-Year" cube)
      • Latest five quarters ("Quarter-to-Quarter" cube)

The following two measures (statistics) are available in these cubes:

  1. Employment counts (default measure)
  2. Average Salary

Please note:  Both measure values for this cube are suppressed for all tables/crosstabs depicting small cells (i.e. employment count is less than 12).  Both measure values will appear as "NA" across all available dimensions when employment counts are "less than 12".

Please read our

[This script opens a new browser window to FedScope Data Definitions; Alternate link to Data Definitions] Data Definitions for each dimension (data element) and measure (statistic) contained within these data cubes.

By default, the first two dimensions (Agency and Most Current Quarter) are displayed as your rows and columns within your data display (crosstab).  You can easily customize your own view for each Employment Trend data cube.

Visit our

[This script opens a new browser window to FedScope Help; Alternate link to Help] Help and/or FAQs section(s) for information on "How to use our tool" (e.g. change rows/columns, change measures, filter data, export data to excel, print data (crosstab) to Adobe PDF, and much more).

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Thank you.