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Choose a Display (Crosstabs/Charts)

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The first two icons on the toolbar allow you to change your display.  The standard crosstab display is the default display type in FedScope, and it shows data in tabular format.  The first two dimensions of a data cube represent the rows and columns respectively.

  • Crosstabs

    1. Click the Crosstab flyout menu Crosstab Flyout Menu Button on the FedScope toolbar, and then click Crosstab or Indented Crosstab.
  • Charts

    1. Click the Chart flyout menu Chart Flyout Menu Button on the FedScope toolbar, and select a Chart type (e.g. simple bar, pie, clustered bar, stacked bar, multiline, 3D bar).
  • To modify a display type, on the FedScope toolbar, click the Display Options Display Options Button icon.
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