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You can ignore categories whose values fall into a low range.  You can also ignore categories that either don't apply to the report or that return zero values.  In these situations, you can use one or both of the following suppression features:

  1. Zero suppression removes rows or columns containing all zeros.
  2. 80/20 suppression removes rows or columns whose absolute values do not contribute to the top 80% of results.  It then summarizes the removed rows or columns into a single row or column called "Other."
    When you apply 80/20 suppression, the data for the cells is sorted in descending order and a total is made of the absolute values.  Then the sorted values are added until the cumulative total is eighty percent of the total.  If the last value added to the cumulative total appears in more than one cell, all those cells are considered part of the eighty percent.

The Zero Suppression and 80/20 Suppression buttons remain enabled until you click them again.

Steps to Apply Zero Suppression
  1. On the FedScope toolbar, click the Zero Suppression Zero Suppression Icon icon.
    All rows and columns that contain only zeros are removed, and FedScope shows "Zero suppression" at the bottom of the report page.
Steps to Apply 80/20 Suppression
  1. On the FedScope toolbar, click the 80/20 Suppression 80/20 Suppression Icon icon.
    FedScope shows the total of values suppressed in an additional row or column called "Other" and shows "80/20 suppression" at the bottom of the report page.  If a category labeled "Other" is not shown, all the categories in the report dimension contribute to eighty percent of the total.
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