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Prepare a Bookmark

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Bookmarks are a convenient way to return to specific reports.  The Prepare Bookmark button captures the complete URL for the report shown in the Location or Address box of your Web browser.  This URL includes information about the categories in the report, data formats, and filtering that is not usually included in the URL.  After you capture the URL, you can bookmark the report and add its URL to your list of bookmarks or favorites in your Web browser.

If the complete URL for the report is long, you may be prompted for a number of options because long URLs cannot always be maintained in some Web browsers.  The options include:

  • Attempt to Open Bookmark, which attempts to show the report with as much of the URL as possible. Some of the details of your report may be lost.
  • Save This Page With a Link to the Report, which means that you must click File, Save in your Web browser to save the Bookmark Options page as an HTML file on your computer. When you open the saved file in your Web browser, you can create a bookmark. The file will contain a link to the report.
  1. Explore and format your report until you are satisfied with its current state.
  2. Click the Prepare Bookmark icon. Prepare Bookmark Icon
    The complete URL for the report appears in either the Location or the Address box of your Web browser.
  1. Use the features of your Web browser to add the bookmark to the list of Web browser bookmarks or favorites.
  • If you prepare a bookmark before you export a report to PDF, you can return to the original view in FedScope from the .pdf file.
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