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Find Specific Dimensions or Measures

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You can search the current report or cube to find specific dimensions or measures in your data.  Finding specific items in highly complex and large dimensions can significantly speed up your analysis time.

When you search the current report, FedScope searches the data in the current display.  When you search the cube, FedScope searches all the data in the cube.

You can search for text in a category or measure based on the following criteria:

  • contains
  • begins with
  • ends with

The search results provide the category name and full path.

  1. With the FedScope report open, click the Find Find Button button on the toolbar.
    The Find window opens in the lower half of your browser window.
  1. In the Search String box, select the search criteria you want to use, and in the adjacent box, type the text to search for.
  2. In the Find Text In box, choose whether to search a report or a cube.
  3. In the Position box, choose whether to search Rows, Columns, or Rows and Columns.
    Tip: The Position box changes to a Dimension box when you select a Cube search. You can then limit the search to a particular dimension.
  1. Click Find.
    The search results appear to the right of the Find box.
  1. To view the data you were searching for in your FedScope report, select the category in the Results list and choose one of the following options:
    • If the category appears in the current report, click the Go To link to isolate the data in the report.
    • To filter the report on the returned category, click Filter.
    • To show the returned category in the report rows, click Replace Rows.
    • To show the returned category in the report columns, click Replace Columns.
  • To find a specific item in your data, you can also right-click a category in the dimension viewer, and then click Find.
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